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Welcome to ENERGY OMAN

Energy Oman Magazine (EOM) is a news and information resource for Oman’s dynamic energy sector, offering market outlook, insights, trends and analyses of the power and water, oil and gas, renewable and alternative energy, and related segments in the entire energy value chain.

It highlights developments in the rapidly evolving energy landscape of Oman, the wider region and global markets, serving as a critical industry platform to discuss key projects, address vital challenges, and deliberate solutions.


  • Read firsthand news and information about the energy sector to guide your business decisions.
  • Get credible, relevant and informative insights from Oman's top-level industry experts, policy and decision makers, influencers and stakeholders.
  • Increase your business network by participating in industry forums, events and activities.
  • Leverage opportunities to learn about current technologies, products and services in the local, regional and global energy markets.
  • Establish ties with the energy thought leaders.
  • Know about the key energy projects in Oman and the business and investment opportunities they present.
Oman Energy Mission


To deliver a print and digital magazine as the first step in the development of a news and information portal for Oman’s energy sector.

Oman Energy Vision


To evolve into a single, comprehensive, platform for news, information, insights, analysis, discussion and debate covering all aspects of the energy spectrum.


Energy Oman Magazine is committed to contribute five per cent of its net income for the training of Omani students from the oilfield areas in the field of Energy reporting. Selected candidates will be given the opportunity to enhance their reporting and writing skills as interns in the Communications departments of top energy firms or with energy think tanks in Oman or the wider region.


The Energy Oman Story: An Omani National Initiative in the Making

Against the backdrop of Oman’s 50th National Day, a small but committed team of respected Omani veterans from the oil and gas industry is embarking on an initiative that promises to stimulate, advance and empower the Sultanate’s vital energy sector. A core team of Omani professional volunteers serving as Board Advisers will provide editorial advisory support.

We are proud to introduce the Energy Oman (EO) magazine, which will serve as a single news and information resource for the sector, offering insights, trends and analyses of the power and water, oil and gas, renewable energy and related segments from top-level industry experts, policy and decision makers and thought leaders. The magazine will be launched this month in print and digital versions for distribution across the breadth of Oman’s diversifying energy industry. Envisaged as a bi-monthly edition initially, the platform will be gradually expanded to include roundtable meetings, industry events, seminars and networking forums, with the aim of fuelling the growth of the energy sector.

Energy Oman: At the Forefront of the Industry’s Needs

A year in the making, EO grew out of the realisation that Oman’s energy sector—on the cusp of a transformation from oil and gas into a more diversified world that encompasses renewables, green hydrogen, emerging technologies, electric mobility, and so on—was increasingly starved of an important resource: INFORMATION. Thus, was born the Energy Oman concept. With the onset of the pandemic, which effectively dried up conventional sources of information such as press conferences, seminars, and the like, the need for a cutting-edge information resource about this evolving sector became even more pressing. We are glad to receive the support of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals to this initiative.

An SME Project

Energy Oman is scheduled for a soft unveiling in September ahead of a formal launch in November. The launch is a timely and auspicious activity that marks the occasion of Oman’s 50th National Day. We earnestly count on the support and involvement of industry stakeholders to help sustain this national SME initiative in pursuit of our common goals and objectives.