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Alshawamikh Oil Services receives first batch of bio-diesel from Wakud refinery


Alshawamikh Oil Services receives first batch of bio-diesel from Wakud refinery

MUSCAT: Alshawamikh Oil Services, an Omani Local Community Contractor (LCC), received the first quantity of environmentally friendly bio-fuel (bio-eiesel) from ‘Wakud International’, the first biofuel production plant in the Sultanate of Oman, located in Khazaen Economic City in the Wilayat of Barka. The biodiesel will be used in the operations of Alshawamikh Company aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve zero carbon neutrality.

This comes within the sustainability strategy of Alshawamikh Company - a local community company in the oil and gas sectors - in line with "Oman Vision 2040" to support renewable energy projects, and achieve the Sultanate of Oman's goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach zero carbon neutrality by 2050. The partnership is considered a direct support for the circular economy in Oman in terms of encouraging medium and small companies to collect used cooking oils, recycle them and produce Biodiesel and in the factory.

Dr Aflah al Hadhrami, CEO of Alshawamikh Oil Services, commented that the use of Biodiesel aims to reduce dependence on gas in generating electricity and support the Sultanate of Oman's strategy to reach zero carbon neutrality by 2050.

He added: “This step comes as a continuation of the partnership with Wakud and an enhancement of the Sultanate of Oman's contributions to the renewable energy sector by 20% by 2030”, indicating that the Sultanate of Oman is taking advanced steps to achieve optimum utilization of energy and develop renewable energy projects to support economic diversification plans and promote sustainable energy, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

He also stressed that Alshawamikh Oil Services Company, within its responsibility, works to promote renewable energy use projects by expanding partnerships with various sectors and institutions to meet the growing needs of the Sultanate of Oman for energy and contribute to its prosperity. The partnership with Wakud is a continuation of Alshawamikh’s approach towards the optimal use of environmentally friendly energy.

From his part, Maher al Habsi, CEO of Wakud International, confirmed that the export of the first shipment of biodiesel is one of the fruits of cooperation with Alshawamikh Company in renewable energy projects, which was proactive in supporting Wakud.

“This partnership is only in support of the Sultanate of Oman's directions towards expanding the use of renewable energy projects and making it at the forefront of countries in this vital and promising sector. AlShawamikh has implemented and installed a solar energy system in Wakud Biodiesel factory, which feeds the electrical loads of the entire plant and thus makes it the first Biodiesel refinery in the world powered by solar energy,” he explained.

Source: Alshawamikh Oil Services Date: 25th December 2022

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