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CCED advances 3D seismic acquisition in Blocks 3 & 4

MUSCAT: As it continues to step up its oil and gas exploration and exploitation efforts, CC Energy Development (CCED) recently announced that the acquisition of the first phase of a new high-quality three-dimensional (3D) seismic data has been completed.

Using the latest nodal technology, CCED is undertaking the World’s largest onshore 3D seismic node survey in cooperation with Africa Geophysical Services (AGS), its seismic acquisition contractor. To date, the acquisition of around 5,200 square kilometres of high-resolution nodal 3D seismic data has been completed. Meanwhile, the ongoing 3D seismic campaign will continue with the acquisition of an additional 6,000 square kilometres, within Block 4. The use of a multiple-channel nodal acquisition (STRYDE) system has made it easier to acquire data in harsh terrain with minimised HSE exposure and operational efficiencies resulting in lower overall program costs.

Walter Simpson, Managing Director of CC Energy Development, said, “This overall project involves state of the art acquisition, processing, reprocessing and evaluation of high-quality 3D data covering some 75% of Blocks 3 and 4. By expediently leveraging this dataset, CCED has a tremendous opportunity to both support ongoing near field Exploration and Production activities, but also has the potential to unlock upside value in the asset.”

In parallel CCED has also completed more than half of an advanced Pre-Stack Time and Depth Migration ‘PSTM/PSDM’ reprocessing project covering some 11,000 square kilometres of existing 3D surveys. By using advanced imaging techniques, the aim is to further improve the quality and resolution of existing data, allowing for a more accurate understanding of the subsurface geology and its potential.

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