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Jotun Green Steps-Committed to Environmental Sustainability

Jotun GreenSteps

The coronavirus pandemic serves as a potent reminder that individual responsibility combined with taking collective action can serve as a powerful tool to manage global threats. Jotun GreenSteps is the company’s way of taking responsibility by working with end users and regulators to help solve another global challenge: Environmental sustainability. 

“Jotun tracks the company’s performance in five key categories: Reducing VOC emissions, hazardous materials, energy consumption, carbon emissions and waste,” says Group Communications Director Christian Espolin Johnson. “Sustainability is a mindset – one that requires continuous improvement. By using standardised metrics and KPIs, Jotun can accurately track and measure the environmental impact of our operations.”

“In addition to products that extend the lifecycle of assets, Jotun offers end users products and technologies to help lower fuel costs and corresponding emissions. These include heat reflective paints and coatings systems for buildings in warm climates, paint systems to help developers win ‘green building’ certification, marine antifoulings and technologies that reduce drag on ships’ hulls, and solvent free protective coatings.”

Eco-friendly products

To meet growing demand for more environmentally responsible paints and coatings, many Jotun products are engineered to help customers reduce energy consumption, waste and harmful emissions. There are different paints and coatings for different applications, Take, for example, this sample list of outstanding products:

SeaQuantum x200: A marine coating for antifoulings, this product is a tin-free, highperformance, ultra-low friction self-polishing antifouling, based on hydrolysing silyl methacrylate copolymers. By reducing the drag on a vessel’s hull, SeaQuantum x200 helps owners reduce fuel costs and corresponding greenhouse gas emissions. 

Jotacote Universal s120: Also a marine coating brand, this primer features a two-component, solvent free polyamine cured epoxy coating which can be used as a primer, mid coat, finish coat or as single coat system in atmospheric and immersed environments.

Fenomastic ZERO: A high quality interior paint based on pure acrylic emulsion, Fenomastic ZERO contains only trace amounts of VOCs and formaldehyde abatement technology specifically engineered to improve indoor air quality.

SteelMaster 1200WF: A highly efficient, thin film water-borne intumescent coating, SteelMaster 1200WF provides 120 minutes’ fire protection of structural steel exposed to cellulosic fire.

Leading the way

With factories, warehouses and sales offices in more than 100 countries, Jotun recognises that the production, storage and transportation of paints and coatings have an impact on the environment. To reduce its environmental footprint, the company works continuously to lower energy use, carbon emissions and waste consistent with Jotun GreenSteps.

In Oman, where Jotun completed the construction of its new factory in 2016, the company has achieved improved factory efficiency by optimising cycle times, which has allowed the plant to run on a single shift, cutting energy usage.

“We have also identified areas of improvement outside the factory,” says Operations Manager Manohar Neelakandan. “In 2019, we invested in a building management system that allows us better control over lighting and cooling systems. By replacing about 383 conventional lights with LED lights and placing air conditioners on timers, we were able to lower energy consumption significantly.”

Furthermore, the company has been able to reduce its water costs by 60 per cent through the introduction of a number of optimisation measures. By switching to reprocessed (nonpotable) water for landscaping, watering plants at dusk or dawn to slow evaporation,and planting less water-intensive greenery, the company has achieved a significant reduction in water consumption as well as its water bills.

“We also encouraged office personnel to migrate to a digital workplace to avoid paper waste, distributed reusable water bottles to cut down on plastic waste and installed waste segregation stations,” said Neelakandan.

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