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Experts unite for a series of technical talks about engineering, research, science and tech

Muscat SEPT 14 – Yesterday marked the launch of ‘TechTalks’. This new series by Birba, held its first session today Wednesday 13th September at Hormuz Grand Muscat. The session which focused on ‘Hydrogen Storage’ was organised in collaboration with Oman Hydrogen Centre and was attended by energy experts, academia and government. 

The objective behind these technical talks is to create an environment in which stakeholders, researchers and thought leaders can come together to share knowledge and discuss the latest developments in science, technology and engineering in support of growth in the Sultanate.

TechTalks will bring together industry experts, developers, investors, policymakers, academia and thought leaders in a series of interactive sessions. These sessions will dive into technology and research and innovation supporting the development of industries in Oman, in line with sustainable development, economic diversification and support in-country value. TechTalks will foster connection among stakeholders as they share knowledge and explore opportunities.

The first in the series titled: “Discovering underground H₂ storage” was organized in collaboration with the Oman Hydrogen Centre. During this session, experts shared technical insights and learnings from global feasibility studies specific to the storage of Hydrogen and explored Oman’s untapped potential for underground storage within its geological formations.

This review of the ‘Hystories’ project dived deep into underground energy storage, emphasizing hydrogen and ammonia. Evaluating technical and economic aspects, it explored their potential for secure, efficient, and sustainable energy storage.

Oman’s potential for underground hydrogen storage is immense due to favorable geological attributes such as abundant salt caverns and porous rock formations. These provide secure, large-scale storage options that can support renewable energy integration, carbon reduction, and positioning the country as a regional hydrogen hub.

Thanking the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Oman Hydrogen Centre and Geostock, and Energy Oman for their support: TechTalks organizer (and organizer of Oman’s Green Hydrogen Summit) Abdullah Al Harthy (Chairman Birba) stated: “Through this inspiring initiative, we look forward to sharing know-how and exploring opportunities in Oman and highlighting how Oman’s Vision 2040 is creating the conditions where more than ever investors in our country can grow, succeed and thrive.” 

As said by Dr Sausan Al Riyami (Director of the Oman Hydrogen Centre) – “To foster development and scientific progress, we must collaborate locally and globally, drawing upon the collective wisdom of our global network. Education is a cornerstone of technological advancement, driving innovation, ensuring that we keep in view new and advancing transformative technologies.” 

Designed to share knowledge and insights, TechTalks highlights will be published online through Birba’s media channels and shared with local and international media.

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